Everything You Need to Know Concerning Grandstream Telephone System


Actually, VoIP telephone systems are important for businesses and more so small and medium enterprises. This is because they are cost effective as an aspect that helps these businesses cut operations costs. One of the phones that businesses can rely on is the Grandstream phone. This is a phone system that has been built under VoIP and IP-PBX principle. It also comes with SIP and open source based programming codes which ensures the phone achieves broad interoperability. There are some features that make Grandstream PBX phones ideal for businesses and organizations.




First, this grandstream ip phone system allows for customizable auto attendants. That is, you can customize the functionality of the system depending on the number of users. On the other hand, this phone comes with automated and advanced fall over solutions as well as conference calls. These are some of the most important features that a business phone system should have.


Unlike normal PSTN networks, you cannot be able to expand these phones unless you establish different command centers. However, with these Office Telephone System, one command center or database can host as many phones or terminals as possible. These phones also come with both voice and video conferencing in real-time. A security camera is another feature that these devices come with. These cameras are also compatible with the phone which helps in making video calls.


Voicemail, call recording, and email voicemail are other features that these phones come with. Due to this fact, these phones are ideal when it comes to unified calls deployment. In addition, there are different Grandstream Office Telephone System models. Due to this fact, you can choose the type of phone system you want or the one that meets your business needs and requirements.


However, it is important to get these devices from an authorized Grandstream Distributor Oman in order to get genuine and original products. Getting these devices from authorized dealers will also come with support and value-added services such as installation, maintenance, and technical assistance. Due to this fact, there are some reasons as to why you need to get this IP telephone system for your business.


Reasons for buying.


First, these phones are affordable in terms of the initial purchase cost. Their installation is also easy, less complicated and cheap. They are also easy to use because they do not come with complications. Modern devices come with value-added features such as versatility as well as different useful applications.


When it comes to communication, these phones are able to establish connection and communication with different telephony systems such as SIP, QoS and PoE. It is also compatible to open standards. It also helps in achieving quality communication for both video and audio calls. Modern devices also come with phonebook synchronization and web applications in real time.

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